The Swan Effect Mum shares her Honest experiences and tips for full time working mums

Welcome to The Swan Effect Mum

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Swan Effect Mum page. 

I’m Lynne, a full time working mum of two daughters, based in Wales UK.  

I started this account as an online journal for my eldest daughter in 2020 to view when she grows up and it has snowballed ever since.  

It’s now become a way of life now, that has been a complete saviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, the loss of my dad in July 2020, a complicated pregnancy and maternity leave on lockdown.   

My blogs, vlogs and podcasts cover everything and anything that I feel I need to share with you during my life as a full time working mum. 

I love to interact with other mum and dads who share my views on parenthood or who can show me other ways to approach the daily tasks we’re all faced with.  

None of us received a manual at birth, we’re all just doing the best we can with what we’ve got as I say.


I also have a free, private parenting community group over on FACEBOOK.  This group provides a safe place for parents to ask advice, share ideas, moan about anything and everything (parenthood related), share children’s milestones or share the odd meme from time to time. 

Come join The Swan Effect Mum Parenting Community *HERE*

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Side Note: All views, opinions and recommendations on this website are my own.

facebook community group for mums
me and my daughter walking during lockdown
baby feeding through tube