Back to Normal? How can it be?

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7th May 2020.

Well after 6 lovely weeks of us living in a beautiful, family of 3 bubble at home, next week see’s the return of work for Phill.  It’s inevitable I know, the economy will be on it’s arse if we don’t start making changes soon I understand that. It’s just that I’m scared! I’m scared that everyone is going to ignore what’s happening and the virus will spread like wildfire, I’m scared for Phill being out ‘there’, I’m scared for Ffion, I’m scared for my parents (who are both high risk) and I’m scared for this little bean growing inside of me!!

Today alone another 649 people have died, making the overall death toll rise to over 30,000!! I can’t be the only person out there that feels this way surely? Ever since Boris has said that all pregnant women are classed as high risk I’ve not been able to settle. I keep thinking ‘is this it? Am I stuck indoors for the duration of this pregnancy?’. It’s a weird and sometimes lonely time to be pregnant that’s for sure! You can’t help but have these anxious thoughts, that you decide to keep to yourself as you don’t want to say the words out loud and worry your loved ones with your inner thoughts.

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When will this be all over??

Everywhere is so quiet. I feel worried for the economy at this time! How are they going to survive this? I decided to talk a walk to my home town of Conwy, across the bridge and it broke my heart seeing all the small, independent shops that are normally thriving, closed. It was a dead town! I have never in my life seen it so quiet! There was a period during the 90’s, after they had built the Conwy tunnel which meant all passing traffic no longer stopped in the town for a coffee break, walk etc and shops closed down. But over the last 10 to 15 years we have seen our beautiful little town build up again, introducing original independent shops, cafes and bars. I really hope that we will be seeing them all soon!!

Dad and Daughter time…

I honestly wanted to cry when Phill said he was back in work on Monday. How selfish is that right? I’m blaming the hormones!! The bubble was lovely, it was safe and we could hide from the dangers of the world. It has been amazing watching Ffion and her dad spend some real quality time together. In that respect, I think the lockdown has been great for those dads that work so hard for their family but only get one or two days a week to enjoy them. Every day they were both in the garden playing (Ffion mostly eating soil… See featured image for what we were dealing with on a daily basis! ha!)

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for Boris’s national announcement on Sunday… Please be sensible Bozza! Think about the health of the nation, not just the financial side of things.

But at the same time, I’m looking forward to the freedom of taking Ffion to visit family/friends and having family days out.  We were given so many vouchers for Christmas that I’m looking forward to using them up and making memories. But again, I want to do all these things when it’s safe! I really hope you guys are well and safe? Regardless of what happens on Sunday, lets try and remember the social distancing rules and try and flatten that bloody curve!!

Lots of Love and Stay Safe xx

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