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Body shakes after Giving Birth (C-sections and natural birth) – The side effect we all forget to talk about!

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If you read my Caesarean Awareness Month – Here Are My 2 Caesarean Birth Stories then you will know I had quite a ride when it came to giving birth to my two girls. I’ve spoken and written a lot about them both and if I really think about why I have, it’s because I want other mums to know that sometimes your birth plan doesn’t just not go to plan.

It can be quite traumatic and affect your mental health for a long time after.  I thought I was prepared for the eventuality of a C-section and in many ways I was, well I read the books anyways…. So in my head I was an expert! Oh how naïve I was hey?

But having to go through an emergency c-section that became very complicated was out of the blue, really scary and really confusing and I suppose I want others to just be wary of that.

The side effect I always forget to mention

However, it’s funny….  The one side effect of both my c-sections that I have never spoken about is the body shakes after giving birth.

I’m not even sure why I haven’t told friends and family about this? Possibly because it only happened for a few minutes and the other complications and healing afterwards were a lot worse and took a lot longer to recover from so it simply slipped my mind. 

But nonetheless, I feel I should pre-warn you ladies about the body shakes that can happen if you have a c-section (and natural birth apparently)!!

What happens exactly?

Once your baby is out and all the Dr’s, nurses and specialists are busy tending to your baby or stitching you back up you are kind of forgotten about for a short while and when I started shaking uncontrollably, I was beside myself as I thought something was wrong with me and that they were going to whisk me away from my baby!   

The worst part is that you are shaking so violently that you find it hard to talk, especially shouting for help! Luckily my partner was by my side and quickly asked the Dr to take a look at me as the shaking was progressing.

The second time around, the shaking didn’t last as long and once it started I wasn’t as alarmed as I knew that it was nothing serious and that it would subside soon enough (still not nice though!).

Why do our body shake after giving birth?

So, why do some of us ‘sunroof baby’ mothers shake after a C-section? Well, I thought I’d look it up and it seems that it is a mixture of anaesthetic side effects and blood loss which can often produce vigorous shaking and also an overall feeling of being cold (so very similar to when you have a fever/flu).

The shaking can begin during the surgery and can often continue long into your recovery period. It is completely normal, but as I said… Not something I had heard about so I was completely unprepared and scared once it started.

Not just C-section births either!

Body shakes after giving birth can happen whether you have a normal vaginal delivery, have an epidural or have a cesarean section, but you may not even experience this lesser-known experience at all!

The best thing to do is to inform a medical professional as soon as you start shaking or ask your birthing partner too if you are struggling to speak.  Don’t panic and don’t try to stop the shaking, especially if you are at the stitching stage… Easier said than done I know.

Body shakes after giving birth
Mum to 2 ‘sun roof’ babies… This was my first time, with baby Ffion

It’s a very small side effect… But still one you should be prepared for 

All in all, it’s not the worst part of childbirth by any means and as I say, although it was scary at the time… It can’t have been that bad, as I forgot all about it until I had my second daughter.

But I thought I’d put this post together so that if any of you pregnant mums out there are reading this, you will keep this at the back of your mind and not panic if or when it happens to you. It’s unsettling for sure, but honestly.. It’s passes soon enough I promise. Body shakes after giving birth are completely normal so please don’t be afraid.

Now, with my second I had trapped wind 1 minute after the shakes finished and let me tell you… That was a million times scarier!! But that’s another story for another blog! haha.

Did you experience body shakes after giving birth?

I’d love to know if you experienced the ‘body shakes’ during or after having your babies? Let me know your stories below as I’d love to know if other mums have been through the same experience and if you guys knew about it or if it was a big shock for you also?

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