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Body shakes after Giving Birth (C-sections and natural birth) – The side effect we all forget to talk about!

It’s funny, I’ve written and spoke about the traumatic experiences I had with both my babies C-sections but I’ve never mentioned this side effect. I think it may be because it only lasted a few minutes and compared to everything else seems hardly worth mentioning.
But I think it’s important to give you ladies the heads up about body shakes after giving birth as I found it very scary and didn’t know what was happening to my body.
Enjoy and let me know if it happened to you.

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Caesarean Awareness Month – Here Are My 2 caesarean Birth Stories

As a caesarean birth mum twice over, I have been meaning to write this up for a long, long time. The after effects of my first caesarean birth are still with me now (albeit they are slowly fading with every passing year) and I want to write everything down before I forget anything.

My experiences were unique, as is every birth regardless of how, when or which delivery was given and I believe that writing your thoughts, emotions, frustrations and facts allows you to empty that space from your head and keep them locked into your computer so that you can visit, if ever needed.

Here’s my story…

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my mum blog needs your Honest Parenting Stories

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all ok and if you are still in lockdown, that it’s not going too badly and you’re taking this time to spend quality time for yourself, your family and each other. I have an idea for my mum blog… But I need your help ladies! If you have been reading …

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