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Body shakes after Giving Birth (C-sections and natural birth) – The side effect we all forget to talk about!

It’s funny, I’ve written and spoke about the traumatic experiences I had with both my babies C-sections but I’ve never mentioned this side effect. I think it may be because it only lasted a few minutes and compared to everything else seems hardly worth mentioning.
But I think it’s important to give you ladies the heads up about body shakes after giving birth as I found it very scary and didn’t know what was happening to my body.
Enjoy and let me know if it happened to you.

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Review

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Reviews – 2021

Here I am using this beautiful machine for the second time around and I honestly can’t rate it enough!
If you, like me are unable to breastfeed or you make the decision that formula feeding is the best route for you and your baby then have a read of these Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine Reviews and get yourself one today!

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Chub rub – 3 Ways us bigger women can avoid the Chafe Rash and discomfort This Summer

Summer is a time of joy, socialising and beautiful clothes. As a larger women myself I have always found summer tricky, fashion wise as although there is an abundance of beautiful dresses designed for our curvier frames it doesn’t quite stop the inner thighs rubbing. This is also commonly known as chafing and more recently, chub rub (I myself don’t really like this term but it seems to have been a huge success for businesses, so I’ll go with it for this post).

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How to Make Travel A Learning Experience for Kids With 9 Easy To Follow Tips

How To Make Travel A Learning Experience.
After months of lockdown and travel restrictions, many of us are ready to start planning to explore again. Ready to plan what to when we can get out there and see what we’ve been missing. Plan to visit new destinations. And rediscover all the places we’ve been missing.

We know traveling is learning. Yet, how do you get the most out of every trip? These tips for before, during, and after your vacation will ensure your family is learning from every journey.

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Sexual Anatomy are Words to teach Your Children And Shouldn’t Be Viewed as Awkward

There are so many words used for the word vagina and penis nowadays that it’s become slightly embarrassing or awkward if we hear a child say these words rather than the cute nicknames many of us parents have introduced to our children.

But that is what most of the specialists and experts are urging us parents to do. There are many reasons why sexual anatomy should not be awkward and here I write about a few whilst also trying to understand the sexual words to teach your children to stop later confusion.