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Chub rub – 3 Ways us bigger women can avoid the Chafe Rash and discomfort This Summer

Summer is a time of joy, socialising and beautiful clothes. As a larger women myself I have always found summer tricky, fashion wise as although there is an abundance of beautiful dresses designed for our curvier frames it doesn’t quite stop the inner thighs rubbing. This is also commonly known as chafing and more recently, chub rub (I myself don’t really like this term but it seems to have been a huge success for businesses, so I’ll go with it for this post).

Coping with postnatal depression

Coping with Postnatal Depression during a pandemic and 5 charities that you can reach out to for support and Help.

You are not alone. So many new mums are out there coping with postnatal depression. Here we look at the symptoms, we have a chat with a new mum coming out of the other end of postnatal depression and also provide a list of charities to reach out to if you are struggling with your mental health after having your baby. The pandemic has made pregnancy and motherhood harder than normal and there is no shame in reaching out for help.