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Chub rub – 3 Ways us bigger women can avoid the Chafe Rash and discomfort This Summer

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Summer = Chafes and chub rub!

Summer is a time of joy, socialising and beautiful clothes. As a larger women myself I have always found summer tricky, fashion wise as although there is an abundance of beautiful dresses designed for our curvier frames it doesn’t quite stop the inner thighs rubbing. This is also commonly known as chafing and more recently, chub rub (I myself don’t really like this term but it seems to have been a huge success for businesses, so I’ll go with it for this post).

This post is going to provide you with some ideas and tips on how to avoid the dreaded (and sometimes painful!) rash that can happened on those hot summer days. Chub rub is no fun, but there are ways round it and I no longer have to worry about the bleeding, rash or lumps anymore so I thought I’d share some of the things that I have tried just in case they may help you too.

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So, what is chub rub?

I looked it up to make sure it was actually ‘a thing’ and not just something that I had heard from a friend and there it is on the Google Search Engine! Chub rub is the chafing of skin when one’s body parts rub together, especially the inner thighs: Avoid chub rub this summer by wearing leggings under your skirts.

How to prevent it

Other than having that world famous, but very rare ability to own a ‘thigh gap’? Yeah, I’ve never had one either!

There are lots of ways you can avoid chub rub but the one I will not promote here is by avoiding skirts or dresses! No way, not on my blog ladies and gents! So… Here are a few things you can use to help the uncomfortableness. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me.

1. Anti chafing cream

Slip and slide has been so useful for me during the summer months. Anti chafing cream is a great way to keep your inner thighs moisturised and stops the rash and uncomfortableness.

2. Long Briefs

Long Briefs is something I started wearing after a very painful and embarrassing day out with friends. What started out as a few drinks with friends at a pub turned into a bit of a bar crawl and I had to walk from one town to another on a very hot day. The bleeding was showing through my white dress and the chafe rash was unbearable. These shorts are perfect if moisturising isn’t for you and they also double up as great belly flatteners for us curvier ladies! 

3. Liquid talc

Ok, so you may be thinking ‘talc? Isn’t that for babies?’ and you would be right. But many adults use this product to prevent chafing in delicate areas and is handy to keep in your bag so you can use throughout the day.

Don’t suffer. Life is too short!

Wear that dress, wear that skirt, wear what the bloody hell you want this summer and don’t let the chub rub ruin your plans!! I won’t be!

Thanks again for reading. Please share if you think you or your friends could benefit from these ideas and then comment below how it went, as I’d love to know.

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