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Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods: Have you been affected?

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Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods: I thought I was alone until I started asking other women

So, here we are. 2021. It’s now been 18 months since the Covid-19 virus made it’s gloomy existence known to mankind and changed the way we live (whether it be a small or big change) forever.

Who remembers the news broadcast right before Christmas 2020 where Boris declared that Great Britain would be giving out the necessary vaccinations to us all? Wow!! Did we need that bit of good news after such a shitty year hey?

There was instantly a ‘pro vax’ and ‘anti vax’ divide between many and I for one, was definitely going to have it. However, I knew that I would never try to persuade anyone else to follow my views as this was (and still is!) a very new vaccination, so of course many are within their rights to be slightly nervous and have their concerns on it.

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Covid-19 Vaccines And Changes In Periods

My first vaccination experience

I had my first vaccination and all was well. Actually, an old school friend messaged to say we had the same date and time (our birthdays were very close) and suggested we should go somewhere for a few wines after! It was bliss. No children for 2 whole hours!! Woo Hoo! We were excited about how our futures would look now we were on our way to freedom.

The only side effect I experienced after my first vaccination was a very sore arm for a few days after. That was it. It was the same the second time too. No biggy. I’d rather that inconvenience than the alternative that’s for sure!

My second vaccination experience

There was no fanfare the second time round. No-one to share my experience like before so it was definitely an in-and-out job with no fuss or excitement as before. As I mentioned, I experienced pain in my arm and this time, armpit and was unable to lift it but that was all. I was happy I had not experienced any other side effects as I had known a few family and friends who were having lots of symptoms after their first and second vaccination.

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Covid-19 Vaccines And Changes In Periods

Then I started bleeding. Is there a link between Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods?

Four days after my vaccination, I started bleeding. Which was odd as I am on the mini pill, which means I don’t have a break in between cycles and as a result have no periods. At first I put it down to missing one pill the month before (I know, I know. I don’t want any more children. I panicked too!) and that was that. But then I noticed someone I follow on Instagram ask if anyone had experienced changes in their menstrual cycle, which got me wondering if there was a link between Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods?

I thought I’d do my own little mini poll on my Instagram account and ask if anyone had had their Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods? There was quite a few of us who have noticed either periods stopping altogether, rouge flows (as myself) or multiple flows in a month. I have been experiencing random flows ever since.

There was a lady on Instagram who messaged me to tell me that she was due to start her IVF journey and now didn’t know when it could start as her periods were ‘all over the place’. I can’t imagine how stressful that must be.

What does this mean for those trying to conceive?

When you finally decide that the time is right and you guys are ready to settle down and start a family, more often than not you are quite relaxed about it at first. Enjoying the ‘trying to conceive’ side of things (you all know what I mean!), but after those first few months of ‘Aunt Flow’ coming to visit you start looking at the process a little more seriously.

This normally means looking at your menstrual cycle in more depth and calculating when you are supposedly ovulating each month. Which, let me tell you is not always successful! I was lucky I know, but it still took 8 months (both times) to conceive and I know it doesn’t sound very long but that is 7 visits from Aunt Flow and she wasn’t welcome on any of those occasions let me tell ya.

So, what are those who are trying to conceive in 2021 supposed to do now? Wait until the vaccination stops messing with their hormones? Wowzer! I really do feel for you ladies out there as I would be so cross right now. I know the vaccination is amazing and obviously nobody wants to get Covid-19. But still, when you’re in that ‘I want to get pregnant’ bubble it’s pretty hard to think of much else and the stresses of whether to have the vaccination can be an added stress you don’t need right now.

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Covid-19 Vaccines And Changes In Periods

So, lets not panic just yet and look at the sciencey bit…

The BMJ (which is a website written and published intended for healthcare professionals, so I’m always going to look at this rather than the scare mongering media channels) have written about Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods and they state that a link is plausible and should be investigated further.

However, they also state that changes to periods and unexpected vaginal bleeding are not listed as a common side effect of the COVID-19 vaccination and probably won’t be as the number of reports made to MHRA’s yellow card surveillance scheme for adverse drug reactions (by 2nd September 2021) reached 30,000. MHRA states that evaluation of yellow card reports does not support a link between Covid-19 vaccines and changes in periods since the number of reports are low relative to both the number of us who are vaccinated and the number of us reporting issues with our menstrual cycles.

The article also assures readers that of the many people who reported a change to their menstrual cycle after their vaccination, have found that it returns to normal the following cycle and, importantly, there is no evidence that Covid-19 vaccination adversely affects fertility. So I hope if anyone reading this is worried about conceiving are reassured. It’s just a bump in the road, keep trying and it sounds to me like us ladies will be back to normal soon enough.

You can read the full BMJ article HERE.

Getting controversial now but…

Would I get the vaccination if I was trying for a baby? That’s the question i’ve found myself asking a lot these last couple of months. It’s a tricky one, that’s for sure.

I think I would get it. I’ve known a few people now who have been hospitalised with Covid-19 and it’s scary. I’d be willing to wait a few more months to conceive if it meant not getting ill when pregnant etc. But obviously, it’s personal choice.

There’s lots of debates at the moment about getting the vaccination whilst pregnant (I’d say yes, my other half would say no), whilst breastfeeding and more recently there’s the new debate on if parents would allow their 12-15 year old children get the vaccination.

I’m no expert. I don’t know everything. I just like to ‘chew the fat’ with other parents

So, there you have it. I thought it, I wanted to write about it and here it is. I hope it helps a few of you in making the decision to ‘jab, or not to jab’ and if you’re still not 100% what to do for the best then the one piece of advice I’d give you is to do your research. Look at science websites, rather than news websites. These scientists spent hours and hours and hours researching and reading up on the subject so are a better suited to have an opinion than a TV news reader.

It’s your body, so it’s always your choice what you do with it. There is no right or wrong answer if you are the one making the decisions..

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I’d love to know your thoughts!

Comment below. Let me know your story (I’m so bloody nosey! haha) and lets share our thoughts, worries and experiences ladies!

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