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3 Things New Mothers Don’t Expect Once They Bring Baby Home

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Guest Blog By Kelly.


If you’re anything like me, pregnancy changes your social interactions. Friends start asking how you’re doing more often and complete strangers strike up conversations as though you are actually friends. This typically happens for months as you move through the second and third trimester. The Fourth Trimester sees you bring baby home, this is when the fun really starts.

Between freezer meal prepping with family, weekly OB appointments, a baby shower, and people asking “when are you due?” you may feel this is your new normal. Is it?

1st Surprise… When You Bring Baby Home

Baby arrives and you are flooded with texts, likes, phone calls, videos, and perhaps visitors. Close friends and family are dropping off meals and you are soaking up all the baby cuteness. Yes, you are already sleep deprived, but you feel supported.

But something typically happens in the 1-4 week time frame. What, you may ask? Most of that support evaporates. Your fridge is no longer stuffed with casseroles, family may have returned home, and other friends and family assume you want some time to yourself to bond with baby. And, oh yeah, sleep deprivation is actually kicking in and powering through doesn’t feel the same as in the beginning.

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2nd Surprise… When The Visitors Go

With friends and family giving you space after the initial weeks, and you home with baby during the day, you may have noticed that true social interaction (not social media pages) has dropped. Are you still calling, texting, facetiming, and seeing people in person like before?

For some reason people decide that at a time when you are probably the least organized and most forgetful is the time to put the initiative of social interaction with others on you. Yes, you are in charge of reaching out to get together, learn about events, and find moms who can become new friends. You wanted that added to your plate now, right?

3rd Surprise… The Constant Change of Routine

If you are still in the first six weeks of parenthood, the first two surprises may not bother you as much. Yes, you wish you had more sleep, but you can typically keep to whatever routine you like because loud noises, late bedtimes, and lots of napping all agree with baby too.

Then the six week mark rolls around. Baby starts going through developmental milestones and becomes more alert. All of a sudden baby doesn’t start napping randomly and also wants to be engaged with. Cooking dinner, car rides, and eating meals with two hands may become more difficult. And guess what, this is when you could really use the extra meals for the days cooking is more of a burden and having someone to hold baby while you shower would be nice.

This constant changing will feel less dramatic as time goes on. However, any experienced mother will tell you it is never easy. As soon as you figure out one routine, they change it on you again as they continue to grow, develop, and learn about the world around them.

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About the Author

Kelly enjoys most articles that depict aspects of raising children. However, she has often been disappointed in products advertised as helpful to new moms since they have rarely been helpful to her. This inspired her to connect parents with meaningful resources to make life easier, more organized, and better supported. A mother of three boys, a lover of reading, and armed with experience in operations improvement, she kicked off her mission with the publication of “15 Ways For New Moms To Manage Stress & Stay Sane: The Actually Useful New Mom Care Package”. Learn more about her current projects on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy at MiniMischiefManaged.

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9 thoughts on “3 Things New Mothers Don’t Expect Once They Bring Baby Home”

    1. Yes, everyone likes to see the newborn! I think 1 month, 3 month, and 6 months are also nice times for visitors to come by and we should make that a staple too!

    1. Glad you liked the article Laurie! With your six children, I wonder if you had the same experience each time? If you see this comment I’d love to know!

  1. This is all so very true. I totally remember having to take the initiative to reach out to people. It was hard. But I am so glad I did.

    1. Sarah, do you care to share how you chose to take the initiative? I’d love to know what you felt most comfortable doing! Did you call/text/email current friends or branch out into a moms group, story time, or other? Maybe both?

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