Weight loss goals in January

January Diets – The month celebrities promote weight loss, diets and body issues

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Tis the season to lose weight, tra la la la la la la la la

Firstly, I have to explain my reasoning behind writing this blog.  I came across the post below from a semi known celebrity called Danielle Lloyd on Instagram this weekend, who is promoting the Keto Diet via her Keto business Miss Ketones and it has really upset me, for so many reasons.. I’m all for January diets but I’m against the shameless promotion of it by some!

Before and After Images are usually smokescreens..

It’s easy to manipulate before and after photos. It’s easy to make yourself look slimmer than you are and if you look on Instagram there are lots of accounts showing you how it’s done, it blows my mind how by just tilting your hips back and putting a leg in front of another can change your body shape on a photo! We all take a selfie in a certain way to make sure the camera gets our best angle and this, in my opinion, is one of the downfalls of the digital photography era.  Long gone are the days of going out with your friends, taking out your wind up camera loaded with a full film and then having to wait 2 days whilst the photos were sent for developing.  I have some very fond memories of me and my friends sitting on the square opposite the pharmacy right after collecting my photos and laughing when we saw some of the shocking photos that were taken from our night out. 

january diets
How old I feel even talking about my memories of these old cameras! haha

We’re all a victim to some form of vanity

How often do you ask to see someone’s camera or phone right after they have taken your photo these days?  I can almost bet my house on it being 7 times out of 10, if not more.  We’re all more aware of how we look to others now that we are on social media and sharing our lives with each other. I mean, sharing your dodgy photos with a few of your closest friends is one thing but sharing them with over 300 of your Facebook friends is another.  So, of course we are all a victim of this type of vanity. Me included.

Now, in these before photos we can see that Danielle has lowered her trousers, is wearing an ill fitted top, her shoulders are dropped and her face is relaxed.  However, in the after photos you will notice that her trousers are pulled up slightly higher, she is wearing a top that is well fitted, her shoulders and arms are pulled back and her neck and face are pulled tighter also.  In the images that followed, you will see side views that show her breathing out in her before picture and then breathing in for her after picture.  We can all do that Danielle! The third and last image shows the back of her body and again you can see her trousers are pulled up higher in the after images (check her tattoo), she’s standing up straight and wearing the bra top that is better suited for her body.

Please, I repeat PLEASE! Do not be fooled by these images. They really have been taken in such a way that she looks a lot slighter than she actually is.

Think Before you Share your Social Media Posts.

Putting the before and after photos aside, my main issue with Miss Lloyd’s post is that her first sentence states that she felt embarrassed posting the before pictures, as she felt that she really did let herself go in December.  This sentence is damning. It’s completely thoughtless and above all naively reckless of her.  This statement has really hit a nerve with me as I appreciate that anyone, regardless of their weight before dieting and exercising would feel sluggish, bloated and maybe even (and I hate to use this world) ‘fat’ if they gained half a stone.  What my issue with this particular post is, is that this lady must know thather before photos are not a representation of anyone classed as ‘moderately overweight’ or ‘obese’.  She may feel embarrassed and she would be well within her rights to feel that way as it’s her body but as a public figure with a following of 544,000 on Instagram I believe she has a moral obligation to think before she shares such posts on social media.

There are young girls, mums, older ladies and even many men following her who will have seen these images and thought, as I did ‘Wow! If she is embarrassed by her before pictures then I should feel utterly ashamed of mine now’. I don’t know why Danielles riled me more than the many other celebrity fad diet adverts that I see on social media often, maybe I’m more emotional now I have daughters who are going to be impressionable in 10 to 20 years time? I just want don’t want people to look at these adverts and think ‘Wow’, especially my girls. If I can stop just one person from buying into this scam, then I’ll be happy.

January is always the busiest month for the health and fitness industry.

I have no qualms with diets, hey… It’s January and I’m exercising and eating better too.  January is the perfect month to market any health or fitness related product or service as there are millions of us across the world who, as I did, overindulged during the festive season and have decided to begin the new year with a new mindset and new goals.  January is the bread and butter for these health and wellbeing companies as you would see if the gyms, leisure centres or slimming clubs were open.  January is their Boom month and so it should be, there is absolutely nothing wrong with advertising a healthier way of living.

Keto diets…

I thought I’d look into this Keto Diet as I have noticed more and more friends of mine are posting about their Keto journey online.  This is what I found out:

Short for “ketogenic diet,” this eating plan is all about minimizing your carbs and upping your fats to get your body to use fat as a form of energy, says Scott Keatley, RD, of Keatley Medical Nutrition Therapy

What is ketosis and what does it do exactly?

When I read an article in Womens Health it stated that after two to seven days of following the keto diet, you go into something called ketosis. This is when your body doesn’t have enough carbs for your cells to use for energy and starts making ketones that your body then uses in place of those carbs you have been missing. This is when your body starts burning fat for more energy. That’s it in a nutshell.

smoothie, juice, drink

What are the pro’s and con’s?

This seems to be a fast way to lose weight. To be honest, most of that first week weight loss is water loss (shock, horror!!) but if you are looking for a quick fix to lose those stubborn few last Lbs before a friends wedding, girls night out etc then I can see why so many people would go for this. 

However, this sort of lifestyle is very hard to maintain.  I’m no scientist, or even a nutritionist but I am someone who has tried many diets and although my weight crashed down on the scales, I couldn’t maintain the strict rules of said diet.  It wasn’t until I ended having severe back problems that I started to change my mindset and I was forced outside to walk, jog and run to strengthen my core muscles to protect my discs.

Once I started exercising, I felt better in myself and found myself standing straighter, my irritating IBS issue was becoming less frequent and I was feeling better in myself in general. I then decided to look at portion control and cut down on the ‘treats’.  That’s it. It was a slow journey, but it worked and meant I got myself into a new routine that I could stick to and kept the weight off. I think the hardest thing for anyone looking to lose weight or get fit is time, motivation and other personal issues that get in the way. You can read more about preparing my post partum fitness journey, following another exhausting c section in my Getting Back To Physical And Mental Fitness After Your C Section blog here.

Do your research. Find what will work for your lifestyle

There are so many experts out there who can tell you the best way to lose weight, but just remember it’s all about keeping active and trying to cut down and having a balanced diet. I talk about this now on my podcast ‘January Diets – Do what works best for you‘ and I can’t stress enough how it’s all about doing your research and personal choice.

Whatever you decide to do, promise me you will never look at these z list celebrities posts and think ‘Wow, she’s done so well’… Look at the diet they are promoting in depth and more importantly, look at the before and after pictures!

Good luck in your health and wellbeing journey guys. Mine has started again after having a 3 year break to bring babies into the world, but I’m enjoying the walks and meal planning again and will return to my 10km races in 2022 I’m sure.

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Lots of Love,

The Swan Effect Mum

On a final note guys….

Meme found on my Facebook Newsfeed… Creator unknown

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  1. We all need to love our bodies more. We should be grateful for them and celebrate them for dragging us around each day , bearing our children and putting up with all the abuse we throw at them. Some are thinner and some are fatter, but a healthy body should be the priority. These celebs have a lot to answer for especially where the impressionable are concerned.

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