Nine Pin Quoits Game Review

Jaques of London – Nine Pin Quoits Game Review

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Disclaimer this item has been gifted in exchange for a Nine Pin Quoits Game Review.

We came across Jaques of London by pure accident. A very pleasant accident.

For Christmas we decided to buy Ffion some games that we could enjoy as a family, but I didn’t want to buy more plastic toys as our home is full of them!  I saw the Magnetic Wooden Fishing Game online and purchased straight away as there was little/to no plastic in the product.  It wasn’t until I received the item that I realised it was a Jaques of London product and it was brilliantly designed and my daughter has had hours of fun with us ‘fishing’. 

So when Jaques of London contacted me and asked if I would collaborate with them and review one of their items I jumped at the chance!  As I say, they have some beautiful products and they are of such fantastic quality and I never say “No” to a freebie (I’m a thrifty, fruggle, bargain hunter mum after all).

If you have never heard about this company, then here is some background information that I picked up from their website:

Jaques of London is the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world. Passed down from father to son for six generations, Jaques have been responsible for inventing many well known games, such as Croquet, Ping Pong, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Tiddledy Winks, The Staunton Chess Set, Happy Families, Snap and many more.

Looking for indoor and outdoor games and activities

With it being Spring I wanted to choose a toy that would be suitable to play outside and something that we could play with Ffion.  She has enough indoor toys and we want to encourage outdoor play more now the weather is getting better (I write, as it’s absolutely chucking it down with rain outside *sigh*).

So, with this view in mind we choose the nine pin quoits game.  It’s a simple game of tossing hoops onto the quoits and whoever playing gets the most points, wins.  It’s even more fun if you’re a competitive bunch like us and have little prizes for the winners (nothing like teaching your kids young a good bit of healthy competition I say).

Nine Pin Quoits Game Review Jaques of London
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Nine Pin Quoits Game Review

Beautiful packaging. Fantastic gift for a loved one

If you ever buy any packages from Jaques of London you will be massively impressed by their packaging for sure. The packaging for the nine pin quoits game (see image below) came in a lovely ribbon wrapped box.  There is a bag inside also, so you can take the game with you on days out, camping trips etc and it’s safe to say that we have now placed it in the boot of our car on our driveway so it’s easy to get it out to play in the garden when needed but it’s never forgotten on our journeys either. Win-Win.

This product is great for encouraging team building skills amongst children

A great thing about this particular product is that it’s great for encouraging team building skills amongst children, especially shy toddlers. It’s so easy for children to do their own thing when playing and they can argue over certain toys (which Ffion is definitely going through at the moment!) so encouraging this fun family game for other children to play builds a strong foundation for them all to learn to play together, to accept losing and accept the joy of winning also.

Takes your children away from the ever increasing temptation of ‘screen time’

It’s so easy to sit your child infront of the tv, ipad or electronic games and some of them can be very educational, so no judgement here (because if I did, I’d be the biggest hypocrite online!). But, that being said I still think it’s important for families to have play time together away from these screens and enjoy some good, old fashioned games and fun. This game does that…. And more!

If you are interested in this product then you can find it here:

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