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my mum blog needs your Honest Parenting Stories

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Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all ok and if you are still in lockdown, that it’s not going too badly and you’re taking this time to spend quality time for yourself, your family and each other.

I have an idea for my mum blog… But I need your help ladies!

If you have been reading my blogs you’ll be aware that I started my mum blog last January (2020). But it all started on Instagram for me and has been snowballing ever since! I have been updating my Instagram account for over a year now and have met some great mums there who have been sharing tips, giving moral support during this troubling year and have been promoting each other on our social media platforms to help encourage more followers on their accounts.  But to be honest, these ladies have been a very welcome distraction through one of the hardest years of my life and for this reason I will be forever grateful to them all.

I recently came across a story on a fellow mum account where she had been nominated by a friend to share her birth experience and tag 3 other mums and ask them to do the same. If you have an Instagram account you’ll know that these sort of ‘games’ are very popular.  However, this one seemed to stand out to me for many reason, and after reading all the stories shared by so many mums it was evident that every birth is completely unique and no 2 births are the same and everyone has a story to tell. Whether it be good, bad or sad. 

So, that evening I reached out to all my followers on my The Swan Effect Mum Instagram account and received a fantastic response! So, here I am guys asking for you to share your parenthood experiences for my mum blog.

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I’m fairly new to blogging but I am gaining more confidence as the positive feedback comes in from readers and other mums.  It gives me the push I need to continue in my newly found passion/hobby.

My previous blog (Having a baby during a global pandemic… My story) seemed to trigger some emotions for many and it got me thinking… Wouldn’t it be great if I could talk in depth with all these parents about their experiences in parenthood and share it on my blog for others to read!

I say parenthood as I want to interview and chat with everyone involved in caring for children. Whether it be mums, dads, step parents, guardians, adoptive parents or carers.  Everyone has experiences that would be helpful to others and I’d love to share all your stories. My aim is to interview you all and then write blogs around your experiences (natural, c section births. Straightforward, complicated. Ready made family, adoptive family).

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We can email, Skype or Facetime or call each other… I’m open to all communications

Interested? Get in touch..

If you’d be interested in sharing your story with me then I’d love to hear from you.  I’m looking to publish these in the new year and would love to get to know your stories in depth so that I can give an honest representation for you all.

You can email me at or via my Instagram or Facebook accounts.

Think you could talk to me directly? Then I’d love to talk to you on podcast!

My birth stories aren’t pretty. But they’re honest. I know that sharing my experience of having Ronnie has helped a few expectant mums these last few weeks and I look forward to helping others with your stories. I plan to do these ‘chats’ here, on my blog or via my podcast. You can hear my podcast on Spotify and Apple. Have a listen, review and subscribe.

My podcast ladies and gentleman

Thank you for reading and if you could help me by sharing this post on your social media pages I’d be very grateful as I’d like to reach a grand mix of parents who can share their stories with us all. 

Lots of Love xx

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