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Surviving Pregnancy with a Toddler.. Oh It’s unexpected

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Remember how you were able to chill every night Lynne? How you had time to keep the house tidy as there was only adults in the house? How you didn’t have to lift anything, other than your shopping? Yeah.. They were great times. I wonder if it’s easier for pregnant mums with older children, or does each age come with it’s certain issues? Here I talk about my experiences of surviving pregnancy with a toddler… Well, trying to at least!

Preparing for the Baby..

I knew from the very beginning last time that I wanted to document my bump so that I could make a photo album for Ffion when she was older.  I decided to download the app to document this and they put together a slideshow at the end for you, which was such a nice surprise.  If you haven’t taken weekly photos of your bump,  I really suggest that you do it! It’s so lovely to look back on the images, nostaligic even.

I printed off the photos and made a photo album for Ffion, but I’ve uploaded this video to my YouTube channel (so that Ffion will have it online for ever (hopefully!).

Get your Bumpies out ladies!

I’ve started a new Bumpie story for our next little girl too. I have to admit, life is a lot busier now that I’m a full time working mum to a 2 year old toddler so there has been moments of ‘Argh.. I need to do this weeks bumpie!’… But, I’m getting them done and it’s been great to compare the size of the two bumps. There isn’t much difference, although I think the lock down comfort eating has definitely added the Lbs… I’ll worry about that in the New Year. Like  millions of us will i’m sure.

There are so many differences this time, which I go over in my last blog post ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Pregnancy’ but the biggest difference is that although my aches and pains are the same, I didn’t have to contend with a very active toddler with my First pregnancy.  She’s a big girl, she weighs a ton and as she has only just turned 2 years old she still loves to be carried… A Lot! I have been told numerous times not to pick her up but when you’re rushing around it’s a whole lot easier to scoop her up than deal with the meltdowns (I know, I know… Even typing that out made me realise that I come across as a lazy mum) but since week 14 I’ve been struggling with Pelvic Girdle Pain and in the last 2 months I have had to persevere and I feel that Ffion is slowly understanding that mummy can’t lift her up like she used to.

Trying to Prepare your Toddler for the Arrival of their New Sibling…

I’ve been doing lots of reading on this subject on the internet. They all provide similar advice but the one site I came across was The Bump website which provides very easy to follow tips to ensure your toddler is ready for the new addition to the family. I have been rubbing my bump when Ffion is around and saying things like “Aww baby”… After a few weeks so is now smiling at my bump, rubbing it and saying “Aww”. RESULT!!! Woo Hoo!!  I also talk about her sister as much as I can, how much she is absorbing I’m not sure, but there is no harm in trying I suppose.

We also asked friends and family to buy Ffion a baby, a pram and other baby related presents for her birthday.  Although, this hasn’t been as successful as I hoped it would be, I am sure that once her little sister is here she will want to feed, wind and push her ‘baby’ around just like her mummy. So I’m not pushing that on her too much at the moment.

I need your Help!! How are you finding surviving pregnancy with a toddler?

I’d love for you guys to share your tips with me as this is proving trickier than I originally thought.  However, I may be one of the lucky ones and Ffion may just adapt pretty quickly to the new ‘normal’ at our home in October and love being a big sister? One can but hope.

I’m having some issues with the comments section of my website at the moment so if you could head over to my Instagram or my Facebook page and comment that would be great and I’d love to hear from you all.  Sharing is caring and this mumma needs help!!

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surviving pregnancy with a toddler

Thanks again for reading everyone.

Lots of Love xx

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