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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Side of Pregnancy Symptoms

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July 8th 2020

I’m now into week 25 of pregnancy and my body is officially in full baby making mode along with all the pregnancy symptoms that come with the package.  They’re not wrong you know… All those mums.  No pregnancies are the same! In this blog I am going to share my experiences between both of mine.

My First Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Ffion I had very little morning sickness, felt a little tired in the first trimester and was full of energy by my second.  When I was 32 weeks pregnant I started getting pains ‘down below’ and couldn’t put my weight on one leg so spoke to my midwife about it and she explained I had Pelvic Girdle Pain and referred me to physio. They gave me a big bandage and told me to wrap it around my stomach and it would ease the discomfort. It didn’t really, so I just decided to put up with the niggly pain and learnt to sit when taking off my trousers, bought myself a huge pregnancy pillow to separate my legs while I slept and decided to bath when I needed to shave my legs (but if I’m being honest here guys… That kind of went out of the window too!).

It was a fantastic pregnancy!! I loved feeling Ffion kick, hiccup and move about and loved taking my weekly Bumpies (these are selfies you take every week to make a photogenic diary of your bumps growth) and kept up with my long walks, Pilates and swimming right up to week 36. I even went to 3 concerts while pregnant with Ffion. The last one being at 36 weeks! No wonder she loves music! Ha!

We’ll skim over the horrific birth experience here as that was two weeks over an overall glorious 40 weeks so I try not to dwell on that too much.  I will write a blog about Ffion’s birth soon.  I just need Phill’s help in writing it as my very intoxicated version is completely different to his sober experience, so I think it’s best I get all my ducks in a row before putting that all down on here.

My Second Pregnancy

We have been really lucky in that we have planned for both our girls and we have been successful each time.  Both attempts took around 8 months of trying and that was mostly due to me having to wait 6 months for the contraceptive pill to leave my system completely. So we’re thrilled. I was thrilled. I was getting the family that I had always wished for and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that line on the £1 Poundland stick.

As with my pregnancy with Ffion, I was anxious in the first 8 weeks. The first trimester can really play with your head and emotions. You can’t tell anyone (you just don’t want to jinx it), you can’t feel the baby inside of you and you’re constantly looking at your tissue paper when you visit the bathroom. Sorry for the TMI, but ladies… You know I’m just saying what all of you did! I also joined an expecting mums app and forums were full of anxious mums updating us that they had lost their babies or that there was no heartbeat found at the 12 week scan. I had to come off that as I was getting myself worked up in knots

Also, as with my pregnancy with Ffion I got the munchies and I mean the munchies!! I would literally wake up in the middle of the night starving and heading into the kitchen for a feast. It’s strange because as I hit 12 weeks it goes.

But that is where it ends.  I had terrible fatigue with this pregnancy (still do actually), terrible morning/day/night sickness and anything I eat just tasted like cardboard.  I bloated so quickly too.  I was really hoping that the second trimester would see me bouncing back like last time, but it just wasn’t to be. The hunger has subsided, the tiredness is not as fierce but still lurks his ugly head at the strangest of times and I still have days where food just doesn’t taste right. 

Another huge difference this time, which I never thought would happen is that it’s only this week that I have started feeling her kick inside. This is due to having an anterior placenta. It was the strangest feeling not being able to feel your baby inside. I decided to invest in a home-kit Doppler and it’s been great for reassuring me that she was ok inside. Phill’s also been able to hear her little heartbeat too, which I think is great for the dad to be able to bond too.

This is the Doppler I use… It’s been such a great little device that has definitely helped with my anxiety.  Since I’ve started feeling her kick, I haven’t really used it. I may have 5 minutes with her tonight.. It’s so good for the bonding process.

Since week 14 I have had pelvic girdle pain (I know.. Again) and WOW!!! It’s so much more painful than before. I just can’t walk very far at all. Exercise has long been flung out of the window and with the COVID-19 situation still going on it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get much swimming in before she arrives either.  One saving grace is that I’m working from home, so I am sat down most of the day which has definitely helped.  I haven’t bothered my midwife about it because I don’t think physio is open anyways so I’ve just YouTube’d a few videos and try and do the pelvic floor exercises when I’m feeling up to it.

I’m sure that everything feels harder this time as I now have a non-stop 2 year old toddler that I’m constantly running around after and housework is constant these days too.  I’m trying to remember my days before, when I was pregnant with no children and I literally can’ vision it. Isn’t that strange? That it’s just erased from my memory like that? The way I look at it is that it can’t have been that fabulous and must have been boring, otherwise I would.

I’ll definitely remember these little battles as they have Ffion in them!

They say that if the pregnancy is easy, the labour will be hard.. Well ain’t that the truth!! So, baby girl.. I’m holding out on this C-Section being the most relaxing experience of my life ok? Mummy deserves it 🙂

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Lots of Love xx

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