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The Struggle of Third Trimester Complications

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Hi everyone. I’m now 30 weeks pregnant and facing some third trimester complications.  I am under a consultant due to some issues in my last pregnancy/birth and also this pregnancy. Which is proving to be so stressful, I’m not going to lie.

I haven’t written about my experience with Ffions birth yet.  But I’m chatting with someone from the Birth Afterthoughts team next week, who will go in detail about what actually happened as I don’t really remember much (well, my memory of the birth is completely different to Phill’s and he was sober, where I was high as a kite so I have to go with his version. All I can think is that I must blocked out all the nasty bits!) and as you’ll understand when reading this post.. The midwife and consultants think it would be a good idea so that I can ease my anxiety with this birth plan.

As you all know, we were told that there might be something wrong with our baby’s adrenal glands at the 20 week scan, but thankfully we were told a few weeks ago by the fetal medicine consultant that there is nothing to worry about and to be extra sure, they will conduct an ultrasound on her when she is born…  That has definitely eased my mind a ton!!

Our beautiful little girl at 27 weeks. Her nose and mouth are exactly the same shape as Ffions… Bang goes her looking like her mummy *rolls eyes*

Third Trimester Complications #1 Placenta Praevia…

However, that initial 20 week shook me a bit and then the added stress of my dad being really poorly and deteriorating just added to my worries and I suppose I was just starting to worry about the birthing experience of my little girl.

I was then scheduled to have a growth scan and a chat with the midwife and consultant, where they informed me that my placenta was sitting at the front (which I had known about since my 12 week scan) but it was very low and natural birth would not be an option (again, not a problem as I was told after having Ffion that I couldn’t have a natural birth so was expected). 

They call this a Placenta praevia and they then forewarned me that once our daughter was removed they would have to locate the placenta and remove it quickly and this would mean I may lose a lot of blood.  Again, I wasn’t that phased as I knew that they would ensure there was lots of my blood type available to replace any lost. See? Always trying to stay positive.

Me and childbirth are just not a good mix..

As much as I try and stay positive with most situations, it’s pretty challenging when they say the following:

“We have to warn you that if we experience problems in locating the placenta, we may have to proceed with a hysterectomy. But we will discuss this in more detail in your pre-op and ask you to sign a consent form”.

Honestly, I know this is the worst case scenario and I am trying to stay positive but it’s definitely dulled the excitement a little bit now.  On the day of the C Section I know that me, and Phill are going to be holding our breath until I’m in the clear.  I also know that our families, who would normally be excited will now be waiting for that phone call with baited breath.  They should all be excited to hear good news, which they will hopefully… But as I said it’s taken the edge of it a bit, which is such a shame.

I’m feeling so guilty for putting Phill through this, again.  He witnessed everything last time and I now feel apprehensive that he may have to go through all that trauma again, as we were told that what happened at Ffions birth would not happen twice and that’s why we decided to go for baby number 2.  But I should have known better. When it comes to anything medical and me… Nothing is ever straight forward!

Pre-natal care plan…

I will be scanned again in a few weeks and they have assured me that if anything was to go a bit wrong before my due date, the notes that they have written state that I am to be seen thoroughly and not just sent home (that sentence will make sense when I write about Ffions birth). 

We have 9 weeks to go and we have decided we are not going to worry about anything, until there is something to worry about.  Positive, Mental, Attitude! Baby girl is healthy, it’s just me that may have to suffer a bit afterwards. But honestly, one thing I learnt last time is that the human body heals itself quickly and I am very stubborn and will not be down for long… If you have experienced anything like this in your pregnancies, I’d love to hear from you!! Let me know how things worked out for you.. I’d love to hear them.

Why do we keep going back for more??

Getting pregnant can be hard, pregnancy can be hard, births can be hard! But us mummies keep going back for more don’t we? Why is that? Do you think we are equipped with a ‘forget the bad stuff and only remember the cute stuff’ button in our brains?

I have a strong memory 2 days after having Ffion, where I needed to visit the loo and it took me 10 minutes to get out of the hospital bed, another 5 minutes to shuffle to the bathroom and then another 5 miserable minutes lowering myself onto the loo seat, all whilst silently screaming inside. 

I also remember the continuous pain (with only paracetamol for pain relief!!), feeling so poorly all the time, throwing up, crying, dangerous constipation and then also being unable to get up to feed Ffion.  I also remember spending the 6 days in hospital and seeing all the other mums coming in, staying 1 or 2 nights and then going home.  But, here I am… Putting myself through it all again as I genuinely keep thinking ‘Ahh, it was only 2/3 weeks of my life… She’s worth it’.  We are super humans us women! There.. I said it! We totally are!

Thanks for reading guys. Here’s to a quick third trimester!

third trimester complications
The bumpies this time round all have face masks.. So 2020 hey?

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