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To Baby Shower for the 2nd or Not? Would it be Special or odd?

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Hi guys, this is a very short blog post. I need your advice about whether or not to have a baby shower the second time round.

Here we are. Week 31! Eeek!!! Time flies when your having a baby during a pandemic doesn’t it?

baby shower

Wow! It’s been a miserable year so far hasn’t it? Not many parties, events etc and the ones that were organised have been postponed. I’ve started going to some family events as restrictions have been loosened (for now!) but all my bigger events, such as gigs, weddings and birthday parties are all now in 2021, please let them happen in 2021!?. The one thing I really want this year, that can’t wait is a baby shower for my little girl!

My First Baby Shower

I was thrown a Baby Shower by two of my good friends just before I had Ffion and it was honestly, one of the best days I’ve ever had! All my friends and family in one place, with the sun shining, they had organised some amazing games and we had an amazing afternoon tea… Epic day! Definitely one to remember and show Ffion when she is older for sure.

Why I have decided to have another baby shower

In my ‘Should you find out the gender of your baby‘ blog I talk about the reasons I found out the gender of both my babies and as the surprise element of that section of the pregnancy was public, I wanted to add some sparkle to my pandemic pregnancy.

So, I knew that was a novelty and it’s not really tradition to have such a fuss with every pregnancy (it’s a lot to ask of friends/family isn’t it? Lots to plan and organise) but as I know for sure that this will be my last time being pregnant and it’s been a very upsetting and uneventful year… By that I mean, not very much interaction with people, losing my dad only a last month to Parkinson’s disease etc.  I thought I’d throw what I am calling a ‘Very Informal Baby Shower’.

This will be hosted at my house and I will make the sandwiches, cakes and nibbles etc (BYOB though.. Obviously! I’m not made of money ladies and it’ll be hard enough seeing you all drink whilst I’m preggers again) and I’ve made it quite clear that I don’t want presents, as we received so many gifts last time, plus when Ffion was born and then again at her Christening after 5 months… It’s too much to expect and it’s not why I’m doing it. I want my next daughter to know that I was just as excited to have her as I was her big sister.

I need your suggestions please?

My question is to you all is… Do I decorate the house though? Do I do the games? Or shall I keep it ‘chill’? Oh God! What if Boris Johnson declares a last minute lock down again and it doesn’t go ahead?!? Arghh!! This year is just the pits isn’t it? Especially when you are pregnant.

Anyways, lets say there is no lockdowns and I can go ahead with my baby shower what games would you suggest? I don’t have a big house, there may be 15-20 people there so need something that doesn’t require lots of space. I may even have to move it outside in my garden. Who knows hey?

Hit me up guys. What do you think? Did you have baby showers for your 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby? Did you go BIG or did you keep it small? I Googled ‘Should you have a 2nd Baby Shower?’ and there’s a great article in Vogue from a few years back that suggests making it informal.. Which I have, so feeling good about that. It’s more of an excuse to see my friends anyways as I have missed them all so much this year. I miss so many things that I will never take for granted once this covid-19 vaccination is available (which it will be, I have great faith in all those clever scientists).

Thanks everyone. Lots of Love, a very excited and pregnant mum xx

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