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Top TV Shows on Netflix and Sky TV to watch whilst you feed your baby

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TV time as a mum is rare, embrace it completely

As everyone has their own different tastes in tv, I thought I’d share my top tv shows on Netflix and Sky TV at the moment to save you time. Put these on your wish lists and hit ‘play’ the next time you are feeding your baby.

I am a mum of two. I never really have control of the remote, except for when I’m feeding my baby girl.  My eldest knows that this is mummy’s time for 30 minutes and I encourage her to play with toys in the meantime (why are 2 year olds obsessed with watching the same film over and over, every single day? It drives me crazy).  

I like to watch easy to view and light hearted tv shows to pass the time.  30 minutes long if possible.  Before being a mum I loved nothing more than lying on the sofa all day and binging on a good true crime documentary and I have tried to watch these since my daughter was born in October but found I had to keep going back to re-watch sections.. Completely pointless and annoying.  

I bottle feed my youngest so my hands are pretty full and there is little space for manoeuvring so here are my top 5 TV shows that are short in length and easy to follow (so you don’t need to concentrate too much).

So, without further ado here are my top tv shows on Netflix recommendations:

So, without further ado here are my top tv shows on Netflix recommendations for you to watch on Netflix (I have added links to all the shows for you to read their synopsis or watch the trailers):

  1. Schitts Creek – I actually came across this gem at the very end of my maternity leave. It is hands down the funniest show I’ve seen in a long time and have watched the whole series 3 times already. They are short, they are sweet but most of all they are funny as hell!! Please put this on the top of your list and let me know if you like it or not.
  2. The Office (US) – But to be honest, the UK one is great too (just don’t think it’s on Netflix) but this is an old favourite of mine and I was super happy to see that Netflix had uploaded all of the seasons on there. Short, funny and entertaining!
  3. Firefly Lane – This was a very pleasant surprise. I didn’t think much of it from the trailer, but I always give the pilot a viewing and then make my decision. I loved the relationship between them both and the ending was such a brain twister. I can’t wait for season 2. I actually felt that I was a part of their Firefly Lane Girls gang. Lovely series. Gritty but girly. Perfect!
  4. Suits – There a 9 seasons. 134 episodes. 40 minutes each. Big commitment I know but you’ll never run out of episodes if you chose this show. You’re kids will be in school by the time you finish them! haha.
  5. The Crown – I have loved all of these. I wanted to be an extra in the Caernarfon Castle episode (it’s only 30 minutes drive from where I live) but they wanted someone with natural hair (I’ve been a box dye red head for as long as I can remember!). There has been a lot of controversy with this latest season as some say it’s not very true to life etc. But still an easy watch whilst your nestled on the sofa feeding your baby.
  6. BONUS RECOMMENDATION: Behind Her Eyes – So, I have to put this cracker on the list! It’s heavy going with a ridiculous amount of twists and turns so definitely a show to watch if you have no other children in the house or in the evenings. My jaw almost hit the floor at the ending! One of the best things I’ve seen in a long time.
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Top tv shows on netflix

No Netflix? No problem! Here are my top 5 recommendations for you to watch on Sky too:

  1. Brassic (1&2). You can find all the episodes on the Demand Box Sets section of your Sky TV menu. These episodes are hilarious but you may wish to wait until the evening feeds for this one as there are lots of swearing and bad behaviour. 
  2. Parks and Recreation.  This one is a long standing comedy show that has 7 seasons in total.  Again, funny and very short (3o minutes long) so perfect for those quick feeds. You may notice some young pre-mega famous stars in this show too.
  3. Ballers. This is another 30 minute show, that is jam packed full of The Rock, The Rock oh and The Rock! (I love him, is that obvious? ha!) 
  4. Sex and The City.  I recently binged these all over again (for the 5th time) when my little one was a very new, new born. I would watch when my toddler was in childcare or with subtitles during the night feeds as the content can be of a sexual nature (surprise, surprise) so best to wait until there are no prying little eyes and ears around. Again, each episode is 30 minutes in total so perfect for feeding.
  5. It’s a Sin – This is a four part series which delves into the HIV and Aids pandemic in the 1980’s. Yes, it’s very sad in parts but it’s so beautifully done that I had to add this to the list as it’s been amazing to watch. Keep these for the longer feeding sessions as they are 1 hour each.

Finding some time for you where you can, even if you are still attached to your baby…

In a previous blog, I discuss how the fourth trimester is draining for new mums as the sleep deprivation is at it’s peak and we’re all figuring out our new way of life so if you’d like to read about my experiences, please take a look and let me know how you’re getting on. I found that having tv shows on record or my wish list saved time during those fog filled night feeds and it was nice to watch them alone and more importantly… In peace. I hope these quick recommendations help you find some great programmes to get lost in whilst you feed your babe and relax for 30 minutes.

If you are feeling overwhelmed at the moment or maybe even isolated during your maternity leave then why not head over to my private Facebook parent community group? I started this group for mums to ask other parents for advice, share stories and milestones or just share the odd meme. It’s a new group and I’d love you to join. You can find the page HERE.

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  1. I have only seen one of the recommendations on this list. So I’m excited to have some new bingeworthy Netflix and non Netflix programs to check out.

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