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Well, we’re all on lockdown now

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April 8th 2020.

If I think back to when I first heard about the corona virus (Covid-19) I can’t actually remember the date. I just remember the news mentioning sometime in January that a town in China had fallen very ill with something and not really paying attention, because it was in China and wouldn’t impact on my life.  Wow!! How that blew up hey?

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Fast forward 3 months and here we are, nearing 3 weeks of lock down! How on earth did this happen? I feel a bit anxious with it all if I’m honest. I don’t want to leave the house, unless it’s for the daily exercise allowance given by our Prime Minister, Bozza. I have no desire to go to the shops (I leave that to Phill, who goes to the supermarket once a week), I am now face timing my family and friends and I am working from home whilst Phill has been furloughed (did anyone actually know that word before all this?) and is now in charge of Daddy Day Care (and doing a fantastic job I may add).

There are a few positive things that have come out of all this mess. First being, spending so much time with my little family. It’s been so lovely watching Phill and Ffion together, whilst I’m holed up in my new, make shift ‘office’ at home.  Ffion is coming on leaps and bounds with her speech and Phill is having the best time with her and embracing every moment as soon enough he’ll be back to his 5 days a week at work.

Secondly is how much more of a social life I have now! I’m having virtual lunch breaks with friends, lots of Whatsapp groups to keep me sane, our whole family have virtual pub nights on a Saturday where we have quizzes, bingo etc. Oh and I have a quiz night with friends and been invited to a few ‘House Parties’ too.  I’ve never felt so popular!

(The beautifully shot image below is our family ‘practice run’ of a group chat on Facebook Messenger with my 3 brother and sisters plus my poor, long suffering mother.

Remember – Find the Positives in these dark times!

I’m lucky. I’m able to work safely from home. I’ve not been furloughed unlike so many across the country and I’m not a key worker facing the dangers every single day, unlike my two sisters Clare (a nurse at our local hospital) and Sian (a teaching assistant and part time retail worker).  I’m in awe of them both!

I’m grateful that we’re all still healthy and I’m even more grateful that I know of no one who has fallen ill from this deadly disease. I don’t pray, but I do quietly hope/wish that this will remain the case for the remaining time we are under this ugly umbrella of doom.

My ‘out of office’ is now activated and I’m now off for an extra long Easter break and the weather is looking good, so for those few days I will switch off the news, not look on Twitter and will do what I enjoy most… Have fun with my family!

Happy Easter everybody! Wishing you all a safe, isolated break. Enjoy xx

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